2. Intensive Course – 2 Weeks

duration: 2 weeks

*daily hours : 2 to 4 hours lessons per day depend on the number of participants in each course

2 hours  per day for one student

3 hours per day for two students at the same course

4 hours per day for 3 to 7 students at the same course

description: a two week intensive course is addressed to every student of the  Greek language of every level. The student is possible to complete approximately one level of  Lexis Centre language levels during the two week course. A variety of cultural activities are also included without extra charge. Course material and certificate of attendance are  included.

Activities that are included without an extra charge:

  • a visit to a museum, to an exhibition, to a monument of Chania
  • one hour presentation from the fields of Greek painting ,Greek cinema or Greek music and poetry
  • one hour Cretan or folk dance lesson in the school premises
  • a meal together with all the students and the teachers in a tavern or a restaurant in the town or in the neighboring suburbs
  • students  cook and eat with their teachers a typical Greek dish in the kitchen of the school
  • screening of one or two Greek films or documentaries in  school premises

Cost:  630 euros 500 euros

*** We inform you that due to pandemic (COVID 19) we cannot offer cultural activities. So a two week intensive course includes only lesson (2 to 4 hours lessons per day depend on the number of participants) and the cost is formed to 500 euros

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