Other Links

February, 2019

  1. Australian Friends of Kastellorizo
    The AFK was established to help create a positive future for Kastellorizo recognising their proud heritage and giving something back to the island of their forbears.
  2. Translations
    Professional Translation Services Agency – Translation services by native speaker translators in different languages at low cost.
  3. Akademie für Fremdsprachen GmbH
    The Akademie fuer Fremdsprachen is a language school, very experienced in teaching German as a foreign language. Founded in 1971, and situated in the heart of the western part of Berlin, the school has eighteen classrooms, a cafe/bookshop and has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. We offer language courses from beginner through to advanced level; intensive courses, small groups, individual lessons. The school has also some very conveniently located flats (in and near the same buildings as the school itself) available to language course participants.
  4. Italian language schools in Florence
    Learn Italian in a language school in Italy, the language of culture and the arts.
  5. Spanish Immersion
    In exciting and very safe Veracruz, Mexico study Spanish on the ocean at The Language Immersion School. Instruction is non-traditional and highly individualized. Group size is limited to two students.
  6. Lawyer referral service
    Los Angeles based lawyer referral service specializing in accident cases.
  7. Learn French
    Make your french learning task an easy activity.
  8. Spanish Learning CDs
    Our spanish learning cds will make your spanish learning task an easy activity.