Greek Language Courses - Fees

The syllabuses of the Centre cover all the levels of knowledge of the Greek language, from the beginners level to the level of perfection. The categorization of the levels at the "LEXIS Centre" is based on the corresponding levels from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. These levels are four: (A) Basic, (B) Intermediate, (C) Advanced, (D) Perfection.

Types of Courses

The Centre offers two different types of courses, intensive and regular:


The intensive courses include a four - hours lesson daily for at least two weeks (a total of at least 40 hours). An intensive two-weeks course includes, without extra charge several activities. The regular * courses include ƒ two sessions a week for 2,5 hours each, for 10 weeks (a total of 50 hours). For the regular courses of advanced level and level of perfection, a special syllabus has been scheduled which includes 2 sessions a week for 2 hours each (a total of 4 hours weekly) for 8, 16 or 24 weeks training. Completed these courses the student can take the Proficiency in the Greek Language Examination of the Aristotle Uni of Thessaloniki at the corresponding levels ( C and D). Private lessons: Apart from the above courses, a student can take private lessons. The frequency and the total of teaching hours are arranged after initial contact with the teacher.

*Regular courses are offered only twice per year (starting middle of October & middle of January)

Groups consist of 3-7 students

Type of courses Sessions per week Hours per week Weeks Total of hours Price
Intensive 5x4 hours 20 2 (at least)
Regular A, B 2x2,5 hours 5 10 50 300**
Regular C, D 2x2 hours 4 8 (at least)
32 + 3 (35)
Special courses 5x4 hours 20 2 (at least) 40 600*
Private Lessons
Levels: Basic1,2,3
Intermediate 1,2,3
--- --- --- 5 (at least)
10 hours
20 hours
30 hours
33 / hour*
330 total*
660 total*
930 total*
Private Lessons
Levels: Advanced, Perfection
& Special courses
--- --- --- 5 (at least)
20 hours
30 hours
38 / hour*
740 total*
1080 total*

Special Courses

Apart from the general courses the following special courses are also offered:

Literature course: The aim is the through - time approach to the Greek literature production through the elaboration on poems or prose extracts and at the same time through watching video, recorded plays or through listening to set - to - music poetry. Good knowledge of the language and expanded vocabulary is required.

Modern Greek Language courses for translators / interpreters: for professionals who have a very good knowledge of the Greek language and are interested in learning basically or exclusively the functions of the language that serve their professional occupation with it (e.g. comprehension of the written and oral speech). This is achieved not only through the elaboration on complicated texts from the arts, science and politics fields but also through various teaching aids concerning different thematic units. The special courses, those of literature and translation / interpretation include a total of 20 teaching hours a week.

Ancient Greek Language courses: for students of the ancient greek language who want to study further the Ancient Greek literature production or/and to become familiar with the ancient greek grammar and morphology of the language.

Summer Greek Language courses for children: who study the language and want to improve their knowledge and achieve an active approach of the language through language games and dramatization.

Groups upon request: The Greek Language and Culture Centre can offer more special courses to those interested upon request, e.g. to offer a special course to a group of guides, to a group of students or teachers of classical literature from abroad etc.

Oral practising course: a course based in oral speech production that aims to develop the oral skills of the student.

Preparation course: for the official examination of the Greek language


Teachers, Methods, Material

Greek teachers at the "LEXIS Centre" have many years experience of teaching the Greek language as a foreign language and enjoy their work immensely. They are exclusively graduates of University language schools and they are native speakers of the Greek language .

The teaching methods are modern, pleasant and lively. Pictures, music, language games and dramatization play the basic roles. The Centre uses well-tried textbooks that teach the Greek language as a foreign language, as well as original materials from many various sources with a different degree of difficulty per level, to provide the best possible familiarization for the student with real situations.

Teaching materials are given to the students free of charge along with materials concerning the town and the facilities it offers for taking advantage of one's leisure time.

Certificate of attendance and participation: When finishing a course a certificate is issued for each student containing exact details of the type, the length and the time the course took.

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