The Greek Language & Culture Centre Lexis

Site and Installations


Lexis Centre operates in Chania since 2000. It is located on the historical square of Splantzia which is 5minutes on foot from the Municipal Market of Chania, very close to the venetian harbour and also a few minutes from the heart of the modern city and its commercial centre.

Splantzia was the Turkish district of Chania, the central gathering place for the Turkish population -like "Santrivani" was for the Christians.

Nowadays Splantzia square tends to be one of the most attractive areas of the city where people can enjoy a relaxing brake at the cafes of the square under the shadow of the high trees.

The Greek language and Culture Centre is fully equipped with modern facilities, situated on the first floor of a building that lies on the square.


To the east side of the square is the orthodox church of Saint Nicholas with one of the city's typical minarets alongside. The Centre has two fully equiped multimedia classrooms, a small library with books, magazines, music, video and a small kitchen - refreshment room to be used by the students. The school's mail and e-mail address can be used by the students any time to receive their personal messages.

The students have free wi-fi internet access from the premises of the Centre.

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