General Terms and Conditions for Host Family Accommodation

1. The Centre reserves the right to change an accommodation at any time in the interest of the student or of the host family.

2. The Centre reserves the right to cancel accommodation booked if there are concerns about the guest's behaviour. No refunds are made in these circumstances.

3. Students leaving accommodation for weekend breaks etc will not be given discounts/refunds.

4. Students taking holidays during their placement period must in advance: inform the placement company, inform host-family and remove all personal belongings from the host family to prevent being charged.

5. The Centre is not responsible for any damage or loss of property whilst in accommodation. Any complaint regarding a family must be made immediately and a complaint form completed. Complaints will be thoroughly investigated and any necessary action will be taken.
In the event of incompatibility between a guest and a host family, the Centre will find a replacement family or a hotel room or studio(in case there is no available family)

6. The student should telephone their host family a few days before to give them an approximate arrival time and to check that the arrival time is convenient for them

7. Students wishing to extend their accommodation beyond the end date may do so but must contact our Centre.

8. Clients must always ask permission before using the host family's telephone or appliances (washing machines, hairdryers etc).

9. Clients must take great not to lose or misuse the key(s) to the home. Please pay attention to the instructions that the host family will give you concerning the security to the house (locks, alarms etc). If you lose the keys to the house, you must be prepared to have to pay for the replacement cost

10. Students must indicate at time of booking any special requests, dietary needs or allergies.

11. The host family placement confirmation will be sent to you in advance and will give you a brief description about the host family (occupation, children, pets, smoker/non smoker).

What you can expect from your host family:

1. To provide a welcoming and comfortable environment and ensure your welfare is always considered.

2. To help you understand the city and how to travel.

3. To provide a clean room and good quality living conditions

4. To allow access to communal areas

5. To allow access to the bathroom as necessary and to have a shower each day

6. To provide one laundry service per week (the host family will advise you how to go to a launderette for extra washing, if necessary)

7. To provide a door key where necessary

8. To provide the "meal plan" ( Breakfast and Meal or Dinner) in accordance with the booking. Breakfast is a continental breakfast consisting of: Fruit Juice, Tea or Coffee, Toast with butter/jam or Croissants or similar, cereal with milk

9. Advice or help if you have a problem

10. Your own bedroom with Desk table and light for studying

What the host family should be able to expect of you:

1. A call from you a few days before your arrival to advise the family of your arrival time. Please do not forget to make this call.

2. Respect for the family home and any rules the family may have, , remember you are not in a hotel but someone's house

3. Keeping the family informed if you are going to be late home – to avoid unnecessary worry

4. Respectful behaviour

5. Consideration Smoking is only permitted in designated areas, please talk to your host.

6. Not to make noise if you return at an unreasonable hour.

7. House hold security, locking doors and windows upon entering or leaving

8. Cleanliness, clean up after you use shared areas such as bathroom and kitchen.

9. Update your hosts if your plans change during the day (particularly for meal times).