Activities in Crete

The Centre of Greek Language and Culture "Lexis" not only offers language courses, as we firmly believe the language itself cannot be taught without taking into account the cultural environment in which it is spoken and has evolved. It is the Centre's intention to bring the students to very close contact with modern life and the culture of the country and especially with that of the island of Crete and as close as possible to the Cretan people.

This aim is achieved through various activities taking place in and out of the Centre. Some of these activities are included in the courses whilst others can be selected and can be provided as and when they are called for, with an additional charge.

  • Activities in Crete
  • Activities in Crete
  • Activities in Crete
  • Activities in Crete





An intensive two-weeks course includes, without extra charge:

  • a visit to a museum, to an exhibition, to a monument or to a place of one's work (e.g. to a lawyer's office, to a painter's studio or to a farm during the hours that people are working)
  • one hour presentation from the fields of greek painting or greek cinema
  • one hour Cretan dance lesson in the school premises
  • a meal together with all the students and the teachers in a tavern or a restaurant in the town or in the neighboring suburbs
  • preparing a typical Greek dish in the kitchen of the school
  • screening of a greek film in the school premises

The following activities can be freely selected and are charged extra:

    • a seminar of Greek folk dances (a number of at least 3 students is required)
  • a seminar of Greek cuisine and Cretan diet-cooking and eating the food in the school's kitchen (length 1-2 hours until the preparation of the dish. A number of at least 3 students is required)
  • a pottery seminar (a number of at least 3 students is required)
  • teaching how to play a folk Greek instrument (a basic knowledge of how to play a stringed instrument is a prerequisite)
  • a day trip (trekking) to places of great natural beauty or a visit to places of historical or scientific interest. Transportation expenses, food and the guide's fee are included in the charge (a number of at least 3 students is required)
  • a visit to a feast or to a fair (if and when such events take place within the time of one's studies)
  • a seminar of basic knowledge about the Greek Constitution, the modern Greek history, the rights of the citizens, the public services, and the administrative structure of the country and familiarization with the different types of forms a citizen may use in his everyday life (a number of at least 3 students from the Intermediate or the Advanced level is necessary)
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